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We have been trading in beautiful Crystal Palace for over two years now. The idea behind Piast was to introduce the best of what Poland has to offer as well as a carefully selected range of products from Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic and other countries.
We always have something new, special and fresh for you and your family and look forward to welcoming you soon.

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Some of Polish favourites:

  • a wide range of freshly baked bread
  • organic and traditionally produced sausages and ham
  • a selection of pickled products
  • dairy products
  • frozen food
  • baby food
  • a wide selection of instant soups and sauces
  • Polish beer and spirits
and much more...


From other countries:

  • German and Hungarian sausages
  • Slovakian and Czech alcohol, biscuits, pickles, flour and more
  • Italian pasta, sauces, biscuits, cakes and snacks


Ready cooked meals:

  • "PIEROGI" - Polish dumplings with different fillings
  • "BIGOS" - the famous polish stew
  • "GOLABKI" - cabbage leaves with rice and meat
  • Polish homemade cakes

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